Sep 04

Your Dog is an Artist!

Do your dogs watch you craft? Think they wish they could help? Well, we let our two dogs each make their own works of art. And they had a blast doing it!


You will need:

– Canvas

– Acrylic paint

– Ziplock bags big enough to hold the canvas

– Your dog’s favorite soft treat

– Your dog!


This is an easy project, and extra fun for kids to help with.


First, you put the paint on the canvas.  Just put a few globs on.



Then, carefully put the canvas into the ziplock bag.  Once everything is all sealed up, put the treats on top and let your dog(s) go to town!  We used peas, liverwurst, and applesauce.

IMG_3627 IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3632 IMG_3633



It was hard to get action shots, as you can imagine!  What a cute keepsake!  I’d love to see what your pups come up with!  You can send me pictures at Caitlyn@Kniftycraftyandcute.com


Happy crafting! <3 Caitlyn

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