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Twine Wrapped Heart

Twine Wrapped Hearts

I’m pleased to bring you another guest post, this time from Cassandra over at MariposaCreationsNZ.  She made gorgeous twine wrapped hearts.  These would be so perfect to decorate for a party, use as a garland, or add rustic charm to any space.  And she makes it all look so easy!  Read on for a step-by-step tutorial.


You will need:

– A set of wooden hearts – I got mine from Spotlight

– PVA Craft glue

– Twine – I used both twine and cotton to mix it up, make sure the twine isn’t too thick

– Lace, buttons and embellishments (or anything you have) to decorate your heart

– Hot glue gun and scissors


To start off pour a generous amount of pva glue into a bowl. You will be using this soon!


Dab a little bit of hot glue just under the V of the heart to stick on the beginning of the twine. I find starting in the center the easiest and you can always re-wrap over twice or even 3 times to cover any gaps.



Start wrapping the twine around the heart by working down making about 4-5 lines at a time as shown below.



Now its time for the fun sticky part! Dip your finger into the bowl of pva glue and start coating the twine on both sides of the heart. You could use a brush but I find this way the easiest! Work your way down repeating the steps.



At a certain point you will need to swap your pva for the hot glue and stick the twine on to the sides of the heart where eventually you will wrap it to the very end.



Cut the twine giving it just enough length to the cover the point.



Don’t worry about any dangly bits as you will be giving them a coat of pva glue to stick them down.



To cover the curves of the heart I use exactly the same method as described above. Just make sure you cover one curve at a time. I find myself having to re-wrap at about 2 or 3 times around again before starting on the curve.



Remember once again to cut the twine giving it just enough length to cover the top.

TWH 10


Once the heart is all covered, give the the parts you just finished with a coat of pva glue.

TWH 11


Now that the tricky part is done you can start being as creative as you want to decorate your hearts! Use a combination of different textured laces, pretty embellishments and buttons . I made mine using a variety of white/cream/brown coloured lace and buttons with twine bows to give it a rustic organic look. I also used a simple floral white strand for some bling! I used the hot glue gun to stick them all down.

TWH 12


These look super cute as a garland glued on to a thick piece of twine or as individual hanging ornaments with a pretty ribbon.

TWH 13



If you enjoyed this guest tutorial (thanks again, MariposaCreations!), you should see some of her other creations and tutorials.  Here’s how to get in touch with her:


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