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Oct 23

Paper Mache Piñata

I am so excited to bring you this guest post from Stephany’s Party Surprises!  Stephany wrote a super easy paper mache piñata tutorial, and I can’t wait to make my own piñata.  This is the perfect beginner project.  You can easily customize this by painting it any color and adding designs or text when you’re …

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Oct 09

1 Easy Tip to Declutter Your Closet

Okay, confession time.  I have way too many clothes.  But it’s so hard to give them away because hey, I wore that shirt to that thing the one time.  Here’s the trick I use to declutter my closet, keep myself honest, and make sure I donate the clothes that I actually don’t wear.

Sep 28

DIY Glitter Shoes

What do you do with your favorite pair of shoes when they get all scuffed up?  Cover them in glitter, of course!  Read on for this easy DIY.

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Aug 22

Stained Glass Style Paint

New bathroom, blank canvas!  I wanted to add a little color and try something new.  The bathroom is small, so it was perfect for a more complex paint job.  Having a pattern on the top half of the wall contrasting with the plain white bottom half even makes the bathroom feel bigger!  Interested in seeing …

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