Nov 25

Sew Your Own Advent Calendar

Sew your own advent calendar

Advent calendars are really neat.  It’s so much fun to count down!  But the regular advent calendars are kind of boring.  Last year, I got my boyfriend a Lego advent calendar.  It was SO much fun to have a little toy each day.  To make this year even more fun, I decided to make fabric advent calendars for myself and my boyfriend.  We will fill the pockets with personalized trinkets, and have a very exciting countdown to Christmas.  Maybe we will count down to every holiday from now on!  Read on to see how to make your own advent calendar, and get ready to get festive!


You will need:

– Fabric: one large piece and smaller pieces to make 24 pockets

– Iron and ironing board

– Sewing machine

– Fabric paint

– Dowel rod and string to hang

– Small gifts to fill the pockets!


Start out with a big piece of fabric, whatever the size you would like your final advent calendar to be.




You’re also going to want smaller pieces of fabric that you will use for the pockets.  Because I’m always in favor of finding easy crafting tricks, I decided to make multiple pockets out of each piece of fabric!  To get 24 pockets, I used 6 strips of fabric and sewed each strip along the sides, and then in the center, and center again to make 4 pockets across.



Before placing the smaller strips onto the backdrop, use the iron to fold over the edges.  That way, you can sew the pockets down without having to hem first!

IMG_1603 IMG_1604


I also cut some of the overlapping fabric so the corners wouldn’t be too bulky when I sewed everything together.IMG_1605



Then, just use your sewing machine to sew around the edges to form pockets!



Once you have your pockets, it’s time to decorate!  I put Adam’s name at the top, and then mixed the numbers up all over the pockets.




I would love to see your handmade advent calendars!  There is so much fun holiday fabric!   Comment below with your project, post the picture on our Facebook page, or Instagram it and give me a shout out @kniftycraftyandcute 🙂


Happy gifting! <3 Caitlyn

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