Nov 06

How to Press Tofu the Easy Way


Does tofu terrify you?  It shouldn’t!  As a vegetarian, people always ask me how to prepare tofu.  I actually don’t make it a whole lot, but my mom taught me the best/easiest way to get perfectly firm tofu.  Read on and learn how to press tofu the easy way.


You will need:

– 2 cutting boards

– extra firm tofu

– towel

– weights (or something heavy that will balance easily)



Get out that tofu!  I usually cut along two sides, then drain the water before peeling back the rest of the packaging.

IMG_1535 IMG_1536


Then, cut the tofu in half so you have two big, thin rectangles.



Place the larger cutting board with one end on the towel, and make sure the towel end is next to the sink.



Place your two pieces of tofu on the cutting board.



Place the empty tofu container under the cutting board so it sits at an angle, tilted toward the sink.



Put the smaller cutting board on the tofu, and then place your heavy object or weights on top of the cutting board.  My mom always used a brick.



Let the tofu press as long as possible.  At least 3 hours, preferably 4-5ish.  Then, voila!  Pressed tofu!IMG_1542


Happy eating!  <3 Caitlyn

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