Aug 03

Packing Tip



What’s the best way to make sure you know what’s in your boxes?  For all of you who are moving or heading back to college, this is so so so important.  We have a lot of identical plastic bins, so I was very interested in finding a solution (we move in less than a week!).  The solution?  Duct Tape.  Such an easy packing tip!  We got all different colors, and each color/pattern denotes where the bin goes.  Cupcakes for my room, mac and cheese for the kitchen, plain silver for the basement, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for my boyfriend.  There is also a detailed note saying exactly what is in each bin.  No digging!!!  Give it a try and let me know what tape color or pattern best represents your life!  Comment below or email me at Caitlyn@kniftycraftyandcute.com – bonus points if you have a picture of your duct tape!


Happy packing! <3 C


PS After the move, there will be more frequent tutorials.  And I’m also planning to do some instructional videos.  The most exciting thing about moving from an apartment to a house –> the potential for craft projects!  Stay tuned, and subscribe to email alerts because you do NOT want to miss some of the neat stuff that’s coming your way 🙂

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