Sep 07

Happy Housewarming Gift



Do you know anyone who is moving?  Want to give them a unique housewarming gift to show how happy you are for them?  I saw a few different versions of this floating around Pinterest, and I’ve been dying to try it for a while.  Lucky for me, my friend Lindsey just moved into her first apartment!  I welcomed her with this basket of goodies!  (Bonus points if you find a cute basket that your friend can use while decorating).  You can customize this housewarming gift by adding whatever you’d like!


I used:

– Bread (…or pancake mix haha) so you’ll never go hungry

– Candle so you’ll always have light

– Honey for a sweet life


Let me know what you put in your baskets!  Email pictures to Caitlyn@Kniftycraftyandcute.com or post on our Facebook page!


Happy gifting!  <3 Caitlyn

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