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Frost Cupcakes the Easy Way!

Frost cupcakes the easy way

Believe it or not, I’ve been frosting cupcakes wrong my whole life.  They always tasted fine, so no one ever complained.  But after this super easy guest tutorial by Kira of Shimmer and Shine Design, the next batch of cupcakes I make will look as fabulous as they taste 🙂  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the incredible Halloween cake I had made – that was one of Kira’s works of art!  Read on for her tutorial and start thinking of an excuse to make cupcakes!



Hello. My name is Kira and the name of my business is Shimmer and Shine Design. I am located in Northern NJ and I specialize in crafts, as well as baking custom cakes and cupcakes. Today, I am going to show you how to EASY it is to make cupcakes look professional.

What you will need to start with.

– 1 piping bag ( I use the Wilton disposables)

– a “coupler” and a tip

– Cupcakes

– Icing

cupcake 8


1. Set your cupcakes aside and assemble your bag. Start by dropping the coupler (the white piece that will hold the tip in place. The piece on the right in the below photo) into the bag. Mark where the bottom most part lies on the bag. This is where you are going to cut the bag, leaving a hole in the bottom. Push the coupler all the way down, exposing the tread. Put your tip (the small metal piece) over the end and tighten the round piece of the coupler over it, securing the tip at the end of the bag. Now you are ready to fill the bag with icing.


cupcake 7


cupcake 5

It should look like this when it is complete. Notice the one piece is inside the bag with the icing while the other pieces are secured outside. This is cream cheese icing, tinted with orange food coloring. Squeeze the top of the bag, pushing all of the icing to the bottom, holding your hand at the end as shown.

2. You are now ready to decorate! This is a very simple technique and it will become much easier with time and practice. I am using a “star” tip (equivalent to Wilton #32). There are many tips to choose from and each one will have a different result. Once you have the basic technique down pat, switch it up and practice with different tips!

3. Start by applying medium pressure to the end of the piping bag with your hand, making a single star in the middle of the cupcake. This will help you gauge the center, leading to a perfectly centered frosting.

4. Starting from the edge of the cupcake, apply the same pressure and work your way around the edge of the cupcake in a clockwise direction, as seen in the below picture. Take your time and go slow. This will allow even piping.

cupcake 4

5. Continue in a swirling motion until you arrive at the center of the cupcake again, applying the same amount of pressure for the entirety. Pull up straight leaving a little icing “tail” in the center, as seen below.

unnamed cupcake 3

6. Finish off with a little festive sprinkles or a cupcake topper (sold at any grocery store).


7. WOW your friends, family, or coworkers with how beautiful you can make cupcakes!

It really is that simple to make your cupcakes look professionally made! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at designwithsas@gmail.com.

Please take a moment to check out all my fantastic creations, from Holiday Ornaments and Wreaths to Custom cakes and cupcakes!

Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/Shimandshine

Instagram: @shimandshine

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shimmerandshinedesign

I really appreciate the follows and likes and I look forward to hearing from you soon!





Isn’t that a great tutorial???  Such a simple technique.  Knifty Crafters, I would love love love to see the cupcakes you make!  Post links to your work in the comments here, or share your pictures on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kniftycraftyandcute) or on Instagram.  If you post on Instagram, be sure to tag me @kniftycraftyandcute and Kira @shimandshine


Happy baking!  <3 Caitlyn


  1. Kira

    Thank you so much. I had such a good time making your halloween cake and writing this for you 🙂 HAPPY BAKING!

    1. Caitlyn

      I really can’t wait to make cupcakes again just so I can try this out. Looks soooo much nicer than smearing it on with a butter knife 😉 Thank you for sharing your baking talent with us!

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