Mar 23

Faux Flower Centerpiece

photo 5


Need something to spruce up your home for spring time?  This centerpiece is just the thing!  Best part, is it is made with fake flowers, so there is no chance of it dying (…I don’t have the best luck with live plants).  Thanks to Linnzi for this recommendation!

You will need:

– Fake flowers (I got these at the dollar store!)

– A vase

– Gel wax

– A pan and spoon to melt the wax (I have a pan specifically for crafting so that I don’t mix wax and whatnot with food)

– Scissors (Crafting always requires scissors)

photo 1


First, I cut the clumpy part off the end of the flowers.  Since the wax they will sit in is clear, cutting that off will help them look more real.

photo 2


Melt the wax according to the directions on the package.  Then, pour it into your vase.

photo 3photo 4


Make sure your canine assistant doesn’t run away with your supplies 😉

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)

Then, just let the wax cool, and you’re ready to think spring!

photo 5


Happy crafting! <3 C


Want to buy the Centerpiece from the tutorial?  https://www.etsy.com/listing/195284096/pink-and-purple-fake-flower-arrangement? 


  1. Ana

    very pretty!

  2. Adam

    I think the new photographs look great! Keep up the awesome stuff!

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