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Feb 21

Organize Your Ribbon with Old Pill Bottles

We are snowed in today, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some organizing around the house!  First stop, my gift wrapping supplies.  How does everything get so messy?  I’ve also been trying to think of what to do with  my old pill bottles, so using them to organize my ribbon is …

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Feb 01

Perfect Veggie & Dip Bowl

Go Team!  Impress your friends with a veggie & dip bowl that is just as easy as it is pretty.  I don’t like having a bunch of single use kitchen tools, so this was perfect because it combines bowls you’re already using.  Just place a plastic container upside down in a mixing bowl, and then …

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Dec 26

Crate Bookshelf

Making the crate coffee table was so much fun that I decided to make myself a matching crate bookshelf!  The process was the same as the coffee table.  Except you screw the crates together one on top of the other, instead of in a square.  Check out the Crate Coffee Table tutorial and get started …

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Oct 09

1 Easy Tip to Declutter Your Closet

Okay, confession time.  I have way too many clothes.  But it’s so hard to give them away because hey, I wore that shirt to that thing the one time.  Here’s the trick I use to declutter my closet, keep myself honest, and make sure I donate the clothes that I actually don’t wear.

Sep 07

Happy Housewarming Gift

  Do you know anyone who is moving?  Want to give them a unique housewarming gift to show how happy you are for them?  I saw a few different versions of this floating around Pinterest, and I’ve been dying to try it for a while.  Lucky for me, my friend Lindsey just moved into her …

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Aug 03

Packing Tip

  What’s the best way to make sure you know what’s in your boxes?  For all of you who are moving or heading back to college, this is so so so important.  We have a lot of identical plastic bins, so I was very interested in finding a solution (we move in less than a week!). …

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