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Mar 17

Bottle Cap Framed Mirror

Have you been saving all your bottle caps, waiting for the perfect craft to come along?  Well, wait no further!  The frame broke on a cheap mirror I had bought while still in college.  What a great opportunity to give my bottle caps new life!  Follow these simple steps to make your own bottle cap …

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Feb 21

Organize Your Ribbon with Old Pill Bottles

We are snowed in today, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some organizing around the house!  First stop, my gift wrapping supplies.  How does everything get so messy?  I’ve also been trying to think of what to do with  my old pill bottles, so using them to organize my ribbon is …

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Feb 15

Easy Knit Doll Pattern

While my boyfriend was studying to take a huge Physics exam (the Qualifying Exam for Grad School), I decided he needed a bit of study help from some TV Physicists!  It was actually a fun way to come up with an easy knit doll pattern.  If you change the colors, you could easily alter these …

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Feb 08

DIY Chocolate Bowls

Have you seen those posts on Pinterest showing how to make your own chocolate bowls using balloons?  Well, I was super skeptical because balloons have a strong latex smell.  So I took matters into my own hands and whipped up a fun and easy tutorial.  No balloons.

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Jan 21

Easy Knit Slippers

Are your feet cold? My feet are cold. If you can knit, purl, and bind off, you can make these easy knit slippers. They are knit flat on straight needles. You can make them in a variety of colors and give them as gifts!

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Dec 26

Crate Bookshelf

Making the crate coffee table was so much fun that I decided to make myself a matching crate bookshelf!  The process was the same as the coffee table.  Except you screw the crates together one on top of the other, instead of in a square.  Check out the Crate Coffee Table tutorial and get started …

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Dec 18

Bottle Cap Ornament

What to do with all those bottle caps?  I save all of our bottle caps so that I can craft with them!  These bottle cap coasters were so much fun to make.  Now, of course I’m also feeling a little festive (it is only a week until Christmas!).  That led to this week’s tutorial!  So so easy …

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Dec 11

Easy Triangle Shawl Pattern

Now I tend to be a rebel when it comes to patterns.  I love to look at them and get inspiration, but then I tend to take things in my own direction.  Yes, I do have a lot of works-in-progress that are in time out because they went terribly, terribly wrong.  But I stand by …

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Nov 25

Sew Your Own Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are really neat.  It’s so much fun to count down!  But the regular advent calendars are kind of boring.  Last year, I got my boyfriend a Lego advent calendar.  It was SO much fun to have a little toy each day.  To make this year even more fun, I decided to make fabric advent …

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Nov 13

DIY Bow Tutorial

  This week we have a guest post by What About A Bow (find them on Facebook).  Joan was kind enough to walk us through an easy DIY Bow tutorial.  Isn’t that just the cutest little bow?  I can’t wait to start putting bows on all my projects 🙂  

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