Mar 17

Bottle Cap Framed Mirror

Bottle Cap Framed Mirror

Have you been saving all your bottle caps, waiting for the perfect craft to come along?  Well, wait no further!  The frame broke on a cheap mirror I had bought while still in college.  What a great opportunity to give my bottle caps new life!  Follow these simple steps to make your own bottle cap framed mirror.

You will need:

– Old mirror

– Bottle caps (and lots of them!)

– Hot glue gun


Then, it’s easy!  Just use the hot glue gun to attach the bottle caps.  I found that it worked best to put the glue around the edges of the bottle caps.  And once you find your groove, it’s easy to put a dab of glue between two bottle caps and glue down two at once.

IMG_0345 IMG_0346


I also learned how difficult it is to take pictures of a mirror without just taking pictures of myself haha



And then all you need to do for clean up is get rid of all the glue gun stringies.IMG_0348



I would LOVE to see what you all do with your bottle caps.  Share them on our Facebook page, or on Instagram and tag us @Kniftycraftyandcute

Happy crafting! <3 Caitlyn

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