Mar 08

Bottle Cap Coasters

Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided to make some bottle cap coasters.  These would be perfect if you’re having a party, or if you’re looking for something to do with the bottle caps after Saint Patrick’s Day 😉

You’re going to need:

– Bottle caps

– Cork board  (I found squares at A.C. Moore)

– Hot glue gun with plenty of refill glue

– Cotton balls

– Newspapers (a must for almost every craft!)

– Acrylic Sealer/Finisher (optional, but recommended)




If necessary, cut the cork to fit the size coaster you want to make.  I wanted to make 3 by 3 square coasters, and found that an exacto knife was the easiest way to cut the cork.



Next, you’re going to glue a small cotton ball to the inside of bottle cap.   This is so that you’ll have something to stick to the cork (since the bottle caps are hollow when they’re upside-down).

image image image


Now you’re ready to glue the bottle caps to the cork!  I found that a lot of glue, right around the inner edges worked best.

image  imageimage



Don’t forget to take a minute to admire how awesome your coasters are looking!  If you’d like to add some shine (and come on, who doesn’t???), you can spray them with acrylic sealer/finisher.



Did someone say party time??  Use your coasters to start replenishing your bottle cap collection 😉



Happy crafting! <3 C


3 pings

  1. Adam

    These look great! I think the acrylic shine really adds to it!

  2. cicely


    sitting on the wooden table, the cork nearly disappears

    leaving this sort of floating isle of bottle cap ness!

    1. Caitlyn

      That was a happy accident! But definitely made for a cool picture 🙂

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