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Beet, Potato, and Beef Dog Treats

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Since we found out about all of Eddy’s allergies, I’ve had a really hard time not being able to spoil him.  The sadness on his face when I make myself a peanut butter sandwich and don’t put a dollop in his bowl is just heartbreaking.  I’m a big softie… We did get him hypoallergenic treats, but he doesn’t seem to like them very much.  That simply won’t do.  This is part 2 in my search for dog treats that he can eat.  Read on if you would like to see exactly how I made two types of beet, potato, and beef dog treats out of one recipe!

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You will need:

– Beef.  Now I don’t know anything about meat, as I am a vegetarian.  But this was a small package, and there were bones which I thought might do nicely.  It said good for slow cooking, which is what I planned to do with it!

– Canned beets

– A few potatoes, and whatever your preferred mashing tool is.  Usually I use my hand blender, but today I was just feeling the old school masher.

– Cookie sheet for baking the treats

– Silicone mold for freezing the treats (not pictured)

– Pan for the beef, and a pan for the potatoes.



Put the beef in a pot with enough water to cover it.  Don’t put in too much water, because you’ll want the water to have flavor since we will be using it later.  Bring it to a boil, then reduce to low and let it simmer.

IMG_1123 IMG_1125


Once you get the beef going, start on the potatoes.  Cut them into pieces, bring to a boil, and then let bubble on medium heat until the potatoes are soft.



After the meat has simmered for about an hour, take it out of the broth, cut into small chunks, and then return it to the broth.  Keep simmering for another hour.



When the potatoes are soft, drain them, and mash them.



Then, open the can of beets, drain the juice, and mash the beets right in with the potatoes.

IMG_1127 IMG_1129


When you feel like the meat has had enough time to simmer in its juices, add the meat and juice to the potato and beet mixture.  You want the final mixture to be soft, but not very soupy.  I used all the meat, but not all the broth – that went into the freezer for another adventure!

IMG_1130 IMG_1132


Hey, this batter is pretty great!  I got “human food” and I love you!



Scoop some small dollops onto the cookie sheet and place in an oven preheated to 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes.



When I took them out of the oven, I let them sit for at least 5 minutes.  The treats will be firm-ish but still malleable.  This is what I was looking for, so that I can smush pills into them.



Eddy was a big fan.



I made a lot of the batter, so I tried freezing some of it in silicone molds (super cheap at IKEA).  Thought this would be a nice treat as it has been a hot summer so far.  Eddy seemed to like them frozen too!

IMG_1143 IMG_1144


Hope your dog enjoys this treat as much as Eddy does!  Let me know if you made any changes, and how they turned out.  If you send a picture of your dog chowing down on a beet, potato, and beef treat to Caitlyn@kniftycraftyandcute.com, it might just end up here on the website!


Happy treating! <3 C




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  1. Ashleigh

    Do you think this would work well with sweet potatoes? My bubbies can’t have regular potatoes.

    1. Caitlyn

      These should definitely work with sweet potatoes! My second dog has a potato allergy, so I’ve been doing much more with sweet potatoes. Both dogs adore them. I haven’t tried this recipe in particular, but I can’t see why not! Hope your pooches enjoy 🙂

      1. Ashleigh

        Thank you. Now I need to figure out how much I need of everything I’ve decided I’m going to give these as holiday treats for not only my 2 dogs but 3 more being family and friends dogs haha

        1. Caitlyn

          You’re going to be busy! You’ll have to let me know how they turn out 🙂 Good luck with your baking!

          1. Ashleigh

            I definitely am haha my Christmas Eve day is going to be nuts with making these and cookie bars my little sister and cousin want to contribute for dessert

          2. Ashleigh

            We had success! My bubbies are happy though they were a bit more malleable than I thought so I froze some and left some to mix in with their food and told my family and friends to do so also next is gonna be your other ones cause all the bubbies love their fruit and pumpkin

          3. Caitlyn

            So happy they enjoyed! I tried to make them a little softer because at the time I was looking for something to hide pills in. Freezing them is a great idea! Let me know what you think of the next recipe!

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